The Fleishman Story

In the Beginning:

Harry Fleishman, Stan’s father, and a Philly native, went to New York City as a 16-year old and found a job selling fabrics to the tailoring trade. A quick learner and budding businessman, Harry moved back to Philadelphia to work for a fabric jobber in the Fabric district. This position provided Harry the experience and network necessary to begin his own business.

In 1924, Harry founded Fleishman Fabrics, which later became Fleishman Society Hill Fabrics. Over the years, the retail business became well known in Philadelphia and the greater region as a fine purveyor of suiting fabrics. Harry was a savvy business man who excelled at buying at the right price and successfully ran the business through the roaring ‘20’s, the great depression, WWII and into the 1970’s.

In the 1940’s, Harry bought a trimmings store at 5th & Monroe, which carried drycleaning and tailoring supplies, which became “Fleishman Supplies” across the street from the existing fabric business. A Family Legacy:

After Harry bought the trimmings store, Sylvia joined him in business and took over the reins to run it. Together, Harry and Sylvia grew their business reach, which encompassed Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland; providing wholesale sales and services to other fabric businesses.

Harry and Sylvia had a very strong work ethic and their honesty was admired; they knew the value of a dedicated team and keeping customers satisfied. These were the hallmarks of Fleishman’s. So, naturally, Harry and Sylvia’s son Stanley was expected to work in the store every Saturday and learn the trade while he was growing up.

2nd Generation assumes the helm: In early 1980’s Harry’s health was compromised and Stanley and his wife moved back to Philadelphia and in time took over.

Today & the Future – from wholesale to retail and serving a niche:

Fleishman’s has survived and thrived by meeting the needs of the market and relying on the foundation of the business that Harry built – to be honest and to have outstanding customer service. Today, Stanley and Tricia still have a wholesale and a retail business, which gives them a unique vantage point to understand what’s trending and how to serve a niche and continue to thrive. Their products include multiple kinds of apparel fabrics, thousands of tailoring items, a complete inventory of dry-cleaning supplies, pocketbook hardware and a variety of unusual items that make them a unique services company. From dry cleaners to tailors, fashion and design students to men’s shops, hotels, bridal shops and event planners down to the individual buying fabric for their own personal use, Fleishman’s has a unique and dedicated following.

The next step in the Fleishman business was to relocate their four-story retail and trimmings business into a one-level store in the heart of Fabric Row on 4th Street filled with a streamlined collection of fabrics and accessories, which serve today’s makers and creators. They’re still in the wholesale business as well, and their warehouse, located just a few blocks away, is there to fulfill any customer’s needs. And now, here is the Fleishman online store and the next innovation of Fleishman Fabrics & Supplies. Recently, our children have become involved in the business bringing the third generation of Fleishman’s to the store. We’re beyond excited about adding Josh and Dara’s fresh perspective and social media skills to our stores. To our customers old and new – thank you for being a part of our family!

  • Tricia & Stanley Fleishman